Geolocation Databases for Dynamic Spectrum Access to TV White Spaces

This site contains the listing service for the providers of Geolocation Databases (GDBs). These providers are organisations that have been qualified by Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to provide geolocation services to white space devices (WSDs).

A master WSD may only obtain operational parameters from a GDB that is in this list. Master WSDs that intend to operate in Kenya must download the list of qualified GDBs before initiating radio transmissions in the UHF band 470 - 694 MHz. After downloading the list, the master WSD should contact one of the GDBs in order to obtain the operational parameters for radio transmissions in the UHF TV band.

WSDs shall only operate in the UHF band under a lightly licensed model in accordance with the Dynamic Spectrum Access framework for "Authorisation of the Use of TV White Spaces."

The following organisations have been qualified by CA and are listed in accordance with the DSA framework for TVWS as permitted to operate GDBs from which WSDs may obtain operational parameters :

List of GDB Providers qualified to operate in Kenya

  1. Fairspectrum

These GDBs will be added to the discoverable list accessible to WSDs as an xml file once they are ready to start providing GDB services to WSDs.

Available GDBs discoverable to the WSDs

  1. Geolocation Database List(XML format)
  2. Geolocation Database List(JSON format)